Saturday, March 1, 2008

Comments Please

I know there are a few family members and friends out there who occasionally read my blog. I would like to make a request of you all. When you read my blog, if it brings forth thoughts, opinions, laughter, tears, frustration or confusion, please click on the "comments" button and share those reactions with me.

I feel as some folks might when speaking to a TV camera or at a potium; I'm throwing some ideas and observations out there and receiving no feedback. Its like keeping a journal that others can read, I guess, but I would love to know your impression of my ponderings.

Changing the subject ..... Yesterday felt like spring here. Fever broke out everywhere! I think everyone felt it; we saw people outdoors everywhere we went. We headed to Springfield for some fun in the sun and shopping. Stopped at Cracker Barrel for a little brunch; it was AWESOME as usual. Went to the Mac Daddy of all hunting and fishing stores; the original Bass Pro. After slobbering on everything in sight and only buying a cap and a bag of circus peanuts, we moved on to Sam's Club. We stacked our cart with months worth of paper products, piles of meat, a few dietary supplements best purchased in bulk and made it through the check out for under $300!!!!!! Th
ats at least twice in a row and an amazing personal record for us.

I drove to Springfield and back and experienced our new exhaust brake for the first time. It made me laugh out loud! It was delightful! There are some big, beautiful hills between here and Springfield that really illustrated what an exhaust brake is for. They are the kind of hills with the 'truck on a grade' sign to give warning. I would start down the hill at about 70, let off the accelerator and have to get back on it before the bottom of the hill because the exhaust break alone took me below the speed limit of 65. It was amazing. You can hear it, but instead of the rumbling nois
e they make on a big rig, this one is simply air. Its operated but a little air compressor mounted in the engine compartment. There is a quick connect valve on the air compressor so we can use it for other things too.

Its gorgeous out again today, but Rene tells me we might see snow yet before the season is over. When I get done posting I just might have to go clean out the truck. I've already shaved Mijo; albeit a little prematurely, but he I found a tick on him and just had to get rid of the hair.

I just stepped outside and took a few more blue bird pictures. I had a pair flirting with each other on the side mirrors of the truck. After the female left the male came back and continued to flirt with himself in the mirror. It was so cute!

Oh well. Gotta run and take advantage of the warmth while its here.

More later ...



Bertha said...

I love reading your blogs every day. And the pictures are fantastic. We are looking forward to your coming home...and do you know just when that will be ? We'll probably have to move some snow for you to get into your parking spot. Love you two !! Mom

bubba said...

I love reading it also.

amothersheartinwords said...

I promise to comment more. Truth be told, I usually get a timed out message from this page, so I give up. I've tried before, but I'll be more diligent. Or patient. Maybe both.

and I couldn't help but laugh when mom says you'll have to move some snow to get into your spot. haha! MORE snow?? It'll be worth it. I send my love.

Eric Blakesley said...

I always enjoy reading your blog, and seeing your pics. Thanks for sharing a small part of your world. :C) Eric B

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