Sunday, March 16, 2008

Multi-Post kind of day ~ this is the second

I would love to tell you about our adventures yesterday.After our trip to New Hope Baptist to pick up our Angel Food groceries for the month we felt inspired to continue our day "out and about".We decided there were several things we would like to do so we headed South to Harrison, Arkansas and made the rounds to see if our targets were open. Its surprising how many places of business are closed on Saturday here.

Our primary targets were thrift stores or flea markets. We had walked through one last week that was great but a little too much like an antique shop. We found several thrift shops around town, the best right on the downtown courthouse square. One of them is exactly the type of place where I could sell my hand made goods and I took a flyer from her about renting booth space there. They had created a few dozen booths out of barn board in a standard retail store on the square. I love it. I found the mother load of yarn at one little shop called Deb's Bugs, I think. These spools are at least 'pounders' if not bigger. The yarn is rather fine but very soft. Will make fantastic shawls with multiple strands or lots of baby sweaters in a single strand. The entire lot of yarn was less than $19. The bears will join my collection; the only collection I kept when we transitioned to the RV, and cost me a total of $3.50! The big one probably weighs over a pound too. ;-)
Our lunch stop was at The Catfish Wharf. I could eat there often. The atmosphere, service and music were fantastic and the food surprising. The music was great; instrumental Blue Grass which is one of my favorites. The appetizers are set, no matter which meal you order. While you wait for your meal you are treated with pinto beans, hot and tasty, hush puppies hot from the cooker and pickled green tomatoes. The pickled tomatoes were so unique we had to buy some to bring home. We grabbed a jar for Dad too because I think its something he will really enjoy and might try to duplicate.

We went looking for the Humane Society but didn't find it where Google mapped it. Might try again another day. I love to simply sit with the animals and give them some extra attention. Those who work there are likely kept busy cleaning, feeding and walking the animals and don't have much time just to love them. We decided to walk through a little pet shop we found and I was so excited to see them handling a couple lizards. I love lizards! I got to handle them too and walked out the door giggled like a little girl.

Bubba wanted to stroll through a Pawn Shop and introduce me to the treasures they can sometimes offer but we couldn't find one open. We'll try again on that one too.

While walking around the Courthouse Square and exploring the shops we ended up in a boot store. The white haired gentleman who met us at the door turned out to be quite an interesting character. While I strolled the isles searching for the perfect pair of boots James Harness entertained Bubba. He is a story teller, puzzle maker and artist. Lining the top of the shelves of boots, all the way around the store, were paintings created by Mr. Harness. Most were wildlife, ranch animals and Southwestern in style. He's very talented!! He gave us a post card which is a reproduction of a mural he painted in a local steak house. The mural measures 5 feet tall and over 16 feet long and is a Southwestern landscape with wild horses; simply gorgeous!

All in all we had one FABULOUS day. We shopped till we dropped, found several affordable treasures and enjoyed some fantastic experiences and food.

More later .....


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