Monday, March 24, 2008

Moving day

Today we moved from space #14 to space #11. It was good practice for the future. ;-) In my humble opinion this is the best space in the park. I love the privacy, the space, the view and the fire pit. From our door there is nearly 180 degrees of open view with no other RVs. On our utility side there are coaches in spaces terraced up the hillside.

Within minutes of getting set up in this space I saw at least three types of birds in a tree out our living room window. I finally snapped a woodpecker that has been eluding me. There was another type of bird in the tree that escaped my lens but I'll catch him sooner or later. In the little field across the drive I expect we'll see more wildlife. The lady who used to be in this space saw raccoon regularly like we saw armadillos on the hillside.I raked a bit of the space and filled the fire ring with twigs. We have a small pile of fire wood and plan to enjoy a campfire one of these nights.

All in all it was another glorious day. All the photos you see were taken of our new campsite and the surrounding area.

More later .......


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amothersheartinwords said...

you know, each time I try to comment on your posts, I never complete it due to an argument between my computer, the dial-up connection, and who-knows-what else. Your post on moving brought back memories of living in a really nice RV park in Redding, CA. Ah memories. It really is something when you can "pick up" your house and MOVE!! Glad you're enjoying it!

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