Saturday, March 29, 2008


WOW! I remember living in California for 8 years and whining because I didn't experience any good thunder storms. Once in a while it would sprinkle, they would call it a downpour, cars would pile up on the freeway and they would call it a thunderstorm. If they received a storm like this in California they would call it a typhoon, cars would pile up, houses would slide off of hillsides, neighborhoods wood flood and they would declare the entire Southern half of the state a disaster area.
Whats happening here today is a real Thunder Storm. Its loud enough to shake the coach and make you jump at times. It kicks out the power regularly and sounds like beating drums on the roof. The lightening is close enough to really flash through the windows. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!! As long as the wind is not blowing and the hail is not falling, this is a very beautiful thing.

Yesterday was another awesome day in the neighborhood. I did some searching, called around and found exactly what I needed in Harrison. We went to Dey Gem Jewelers and dropped off a ring to be re-sized. Their selection of precious stone jewelry and unique designs is vast and wonderful. If I ever win the lotto there would be no stopping me in a store like that.
We then went to the Ashley Music Store. I have two old flutes I had purchased at a yard sale and on eBay which needed repair. We'll see what the repair man has to say about them after he picks them up Wednesday. He comes down once a week from Branson and takes home the non-string instruments that need repair. After Ashley we went to a couple pawn shops. There we found horse shoes for the new horse shoe pit next to the pavilion. Then I got hungry. ;-)

I had an overwhelming craving for Mexican food. I haven't had any since we came South and I was in need of some heat. Bubba knew right where to go and we headed to Hollister, MO. which is a few miles North of the state line. If you're ever in the Branson area and like good Mexican food go to Elenitas. I was impressed. I almost felt like I was back in California. The decor was very welcoming, the music very appropriate and the food was excellent. I had the camarones a la diabla (shrimp in hot sauce). I used to order that every time we went to Zendejas in Colton, CA.. Its one of my favorite dishes and I've never had it as good as it was at Elenitas. The sauce was thick, spicy and really smokey. They should market the sauce!

On the way home we stopped at Wild Bill's Travel Plaza to fuel the truck and pick up another little indulgence we've found. Once in a while I really enjoy a dark, bitter beer. At Wild Bill's we discovered Boulevard beer brewed in Kansas City. The Boulevard Dry Stout is right up my alley. Its almost black and very bitter without a hint of sweetness or creaminess that ruins a good dark beer like Guiness. Its flavorful enough and strong enough that one beer in an evening is kind of like desert. Unlike potato chips, one is all you really need. HA HA HA HA

I suppose I better get busy. Bubba is pulling out his guitar with the new song book he found yesterday and I promised Rene a Caribbean Bread Pudding. If it turns out well I'll pass along the recipe. ;-)

More later ........


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amothersheartinwords said...

AH, southern Cal and the "storms"..haha! You DID manage however, to make me really miss good mexican food. Not much to speak of here locally....burgers and hot dogs rule, with a little bbq thrown in.

Maybe I'll try your bread!!

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