Sunday, March 16, 2008

Multi-Post kind of day ~ This is the third

We seem drawn to the RV Parks where contractors stay. When there is a job site in the area; in this case a new airport going up in Hollister, MO; the contractors working the site usually live in an RV park near by. Its a great sign. Typically they offer monthly rates which are competitive and the amenities are just what we are looking for. IE.; there is propane available on site, there are laundry facilities on site and there is an available WiFi connection. Some people might not understand, but if I see a truck like this in an RV park its a great sign! ;-)

I was snap happy today. Can you tell? ha ha ha Sure sign of spring: ==>

Several times this past week, especially when its been warm during the day, I hear the frog song through our window as the sun goes down. Today I caught one catching a little sunshine between the clouds.

On and on today ....... I babble ;-)

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