Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Its been a very rainy day

Believe it or not, this project took me the better part of the day.
These huge spools of fine yarn were a bit of a mystery. I think they must have been created for some sort of weaving machine. The yarn is a lighter weight and slightly different texture than most basic crochet/knit yarns. A few regular skeins were in the batch too.
I absolutely love my yarn winder and it was just the tool I needed today. These spools are light weight material and I know I will be crocheting at least two strands together on each project. I also like the way the wound balls of yarn stack and store and you can see that you have nearly even amounts in each ball. They also fit much better on my lap desk for crocheting than the big spools would have.
I was disappointed that this light blue one in the first picture was a really weak weave. I wasn't able to wind it because it broke every few feet. It wouldn't have held together for crochet and would have fallen apart in the washing machine. Guess it wasn't too much of a loss because there was such a big bunch of yarn.

Its been raining since yesterday evening. Its amazing how much rain we've received in the last 24 hours. The pond is filling fast. The frogs are singing like mad! I hope I can get out tomorrow and take more pictures. Rene and Bubba put a coat of poly on the picnic tables, finished filling the barbeque pit area with rock and filled a planting bed with top soil next to the sidewalk. Its amazing out there!

We went up to the house last night and played Aggravation with Rene and Theresa. What a blast! I wish I would have thought to pull out that board a couple months ago. Theresa enjoyed beginners luck ........ yeah right .......... ha ha ha and won 2 out of 3 games. I forgot that I had marbles in the cubbard ...... I didn't have enough of the big marbles to play 6 but enough to play 4. I need to order some new marbles to go with that board and send them here. By the time we come back here I hope to have a wood burning brand for the Bubba's Girl Boutique and can mark it.

More later ..........


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amothersheartinwords said...

I miss the HECK outta my marble board. Yep, it's still in California.....

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