Sunday, March 2, 2008

What a mood I'm in

Once again I'm reminded of how a change in weather can dramatically effect one's state of mind and emotions. I think about the days I spent in January and February stewing, spinning and sobbing; feeling trapped and futile, embroiled in my emotions. For the past few days I have felt free and energetic, inspired and lighthearted. The sunshine and warmth beckon me outdoors and refresh me with the windows open while I sit her writing. I pray for strength to lead me through the rough times and often forget to thank the Lord for the sunshine. Cabin Fever and Spring Fever are real, tangible conditions which not only effect our emotions but our physical wellbeing.

Today the bluebirds were bouncing off the windows, confusing their reflections for other birds I guess. For hours the ladder on the back of the RV was inhabited by a lovely male. After a few futile attempts to 'hook up' with the gorgeous bird in the window he gave in to grooming and bracing himself against the strong breeze coming in. I saw one of our neighbors walking the park with his camera today. He must have seen all the squirrels, robins, blue birds and junkos playing too.

Amazing what a bath will do, huh? ;-)

I suppose I should get busy. I felt energetic enough to take lunch to the guys today as they are working on landscaping around the pavilion and I need to run through some dishes. Mijo and I walked down to the barn again and took such a brisk pace up the hill I thought my calves would cramp.

More later ....


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