Monday, March 10, 2008

It feels good to be tired

I can go on about being tired tonight and likely will, but am sure I feel nothing compared to Bubba, Rene & Nick. Today I went after a few housekeeping jobs that I don't do often enough. I took Windex to all the mirrors and windows inside the coach, I vacuumed and swept floors and dusted flat surfaces, I took out the trash, I picked up things and put things away, I walked Mijo at least 4 times and I scrubbed the kitchen trash can. Not a very pleasant job ~ hot water and Pine Sol on the inside, Formula 409 on the outside. It smells better than it has smelled in years. I bagged up a bunch of finished crochet projects that were piling up on the bookcase in the living room and put them in a cubbard. I still have lots of filing to do but that will wait till tomorrow as will dishes and laundry, the more typical household chores.

The gentlemen, however, accomplished a far greater and more laborious task today. In just over 8 hours they poured the entire sidewalk leading from the parking area to the pavilion. It was impressive. After 9 hours Rene and Nick were still giving it the final touches while Bubba called it a day and headed in and to the shower. I think I'll have to shake out his clothes before I throw them in the washer. With just a few breaks for food, drink and supply runs they accomplished a great deal today. I'll get out there tomorrow and snap come pics so you may admire their work as I am.

I have been sedentary for far too long. When I walk up the hill with Mijo it takes my breath. Some days I feel as if there is a basketball living under my ribs. I know its not gal bladder problems because they took that from me 20 years ago. I haven't put on any more weight and I haven't taken any off .... It simply seems to be migrating to my waste. It must be my age! ha ha ha

Enough fluff for now. More later .....



Rene's wife said...

I am sure all will sleep well tonight. I can't wait to see the pictures.

bubba said...


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