Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Quack Quack Waddle Waddle

I'm so excited. Just a quick post to say that I'm an expectant mother! LOL On or about the 7th of March my order of Khaki Campbell ducks are expected to hatch and they will be shipped the same day. By July I hope to have a couple dozen pretty little brown ducks laying pretty little precious eggs for me.

The pens are almost ready, the wading pools have been purchased. HA HA HA The heat lamps are in waiting for the peepers arrival.

Pics within a week I hope.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pretty in Pink

By the way, Pretty in Pink is our latest "Brooks" child, Annie Midget. She weighs just over 3 pounds and was rescued in a local small town. She was running the streets and her little nails had gotten so long they were about to grow back into her paw pads. She was even thinner than she is now, believe it or not. She harbors two little beebees under her skin where someone shot at her......... :-( She's Bubba's new little love. He's adopted 2 little chihuahua girls now and a terrier boy. I've adopted two little shih tzu/poodle mix girls and 4 of the 5 share our bed. Annie sleeps inside a little cat bed inside a crate; snug as a bug in a rug. The Brooks family dogs are now: Frodo, Chicky, Annie, Gabby & Punkin.

A little catch up

Wow, where do I start. Since I started posting pictures of foster dogs is September 2009 nearly 65 dogs have spent time at Our Promised Land Farm. From a great dane who spent Thanksgiving 2009 in our barn to groups of shih tzu who hung out waiting for pure breed transport, we've seen and loved them all. We set up a few outdoor kennels to house some bigger, more resilient dogs for the Humane Society and they've gotten quite a bit of use. We've now adopted 5 dogs who will forever carry the name Brooks and, as of this coming week, will foster up to 7 at a time.

We lost our beloved Mijo on my parents 51st wedding anniversary last year. He developed lymphoma cancer and lived comfortably for 3 months after his diagnosis. Sending him to heaven to wait for us was one of the most difficult things I've ever had to do and I'm still crying as I write about it now. Mijo lived with us from the age of 10 weeks until just after his 9th birthday. He will always hold a piece of my heart. I pray that owning multiples will make it easier the next time we lose one, but I doubt it.

After volunteering for the Humane Society, bagging dog food for the elderly and fostering dogs for a a few months I started helping with rescue and adoptions. Things got busier and busier and in February 2010 they actually created a paid position for me. Things continued to grow and grow and eventually my job was split, giving adoptions to someone else while I kept rescue. Still things continued to grow and I found myself overwhelmed and focusing on nothing but the humane society. It was affecting my mood, my family and my life in too drastic a fashion. Just before Thanksgiving 2010 I resigned my position and returned to being a busy foster mom and adoption event volunteer. Now, rather than just a couple foster dogs we will care for up to 7 at a time. Adoption events are a hoot; I look like a professional dog walker with all the babies following me through the parking lot on leashes.

I still find myself busier than I sometimes wish to be because I've reactivated the Bubba's Girl Boutique. I've finally set up a sewing & craft shop in our home and have started making scrubs and dog duds. I've made some really fun dog jackets and belly bands which are boy diapers for dogs. I'm looking forward to the next craft show in May and pray I find enough time to build enough inventory for the show. Friends and family have kept me busy designing things for them and helping with other sewing projects. Check it out if you get a chance, I've created a web site and will be adding to it as I go: www.bubbasgirlboutique.com

Mom & Dad have come to Texas to visit over Thanksgiving for the past two years and we continue to beg them to at least 'snow bird' with us here. I hold out hope it may happen. ;0)

We've been active members of the Harriett Baptist Church for nearly 2 years now and really love our little church family. The church is only half a mile from the house which makes it incredibly convenient. Our wonderful pastor has decided to leave us and focus on his other full time job so we're in a transition right now. We're very sad about their leaving but happy for them that they are following God's guidance and feel relief from worry about the situation. With a big event griddle and some teamwork from church members we're hosting our first pancake breakfast this coming Saturday. A local family lost everything in a house fire last week and we're taking a free will offering for the meal to give to them. Pretty excited about that. Its been Bubba's project and I'm proud of what he's accomplished toward it.

I better save more for later .... you never know what I'll remember next.

God bless all,
To err is human, to forgive canine..

Monday, January 31, 2011

I'm I still here?

It has been ages since I've posted to my blog. I've been so busy with work, animals, facebook and crafting I almost forgot this blog was open.

After 14 months (10 paid) with the Humane Society I called it quits at Thanksgiving 2010. I was burned out and needed to get back to living my life rather than living for the HSTGC. We still foster great guns and volunteer at adoption events but thats where I draw the line.

Our 'farm' is pretty slim these days. We only have ducks and geese in the pastures right now but will be bringing back some hooved animals come spring if not sooner. I have 17 busy laying hens and one big, beautiful rooster keeping us in a little spending cash. We now own 5 little dogs and foster up to half a dozen at a time. I LOVE the little dogs!! I've started sewing and selling dog duds, belly bands for dogs and scrubs. Excited for the next craft show but need to get busy on inventory.

Gonna run; much, much more to post later.

Friday, October 30, 2009


This is our second foster baby. His Humane Society name is Bonzai. I'm learning about Pekingese by having him in our home. What a gorgeous dog!! He's a tank, big chested and short legged. He snores like a Shih Tzu and lays flat belly to the floor too. He is a confident male but gets along well with Koko, Mijo & Gracie Lou. He and Koko are gone for the weekend to the home of a couple who intend to adopt one or both of them. She picked up the dogs this afternoon and took them to a party with 16 society ladies; better mobile adoption opportunity than we could ever offer. ;0)

Its amazing that Koko has been with us so long because he's so precious. I think the Humane Society adoption coordinator needs some help so I'm going to learn more next week and start helping her out. She's well connected with every pure breed rescue and shelter within 500 miles but is less familiar with small furry breeds and less comfortable with home visits etc. We simply need to save more dogs and I'm going to work toward that end. Bubba is too. He applied to the board of directors for the Humane Society. They met today but we haven't heard if they voted on him yet.

There are at least three new members of the menagerie that I haven't posted pictures of yet but promise to in the near future. Bubba brought home his big dog and outdoor companion, Gracie Lou, this week. He also brought home two more geese. China geese; just beautiful animals.

I better go crochet. The craft show is just over a month away and I'm not nearly ready.

More later ........


Friday, October 16, 2009

The Bubba of my dreams

I was in my 30's and had experienced a myriad of things, good and bad, before I met Robert Allen Brooks. God bringing him into my life was, by far, the most profound thing that has ever happened to me. I am thankful each and every day of my life that I get to spend it with him.

Yesterday I felt compelled to capture him doing his morning chores. A simple little can of corn shared by ducks, goats & a goose is a delightful encounter every day. It gives him a chance to mingle with the animals and observe them for health issues, personalities and such. Its a really wonderful thing we're able to do now.
When we spent five glorious weeks with Ed & Sheila in North Carolina we saw how the simplest tools can simplify life .......... as they should. This old mower & trailer combination is Bubba's farm truck. He mows the ditch and rough yard with it while I mow the house yard with the push. He takes along his 'grabber' tool to pick stuff up out of the ditch while he mows. He's able to drag things here and there around the acreage with it to mend fences and such. It keeps him from having to run our only vehicle through the pastures where there is great potential for tire damage and such. And this little trailer he picked up for $25 is a dump trailer too! ;0)

Just ten years ago I was at the top of my game, or so I thought. I had been promoted in my job and transferred cross country for work. I was learning all kinds of new things and experiencing things I never thought I would have the chance to. After having experienced life from one end of the spectrum to the other, I can absolutely shout that this simple life is an amazing blessing for me. It gives me the opportunity to appreciate God, people and the Earth. Bubba is a HUGE part of that and we're both amazed by it all.


Monday, September 28, 2009

The world loves Koko

It was no big surprise to me that, after the TV broadcast Saturday evening, there would be great interest in Koko. The surprise was that the Humane Society employee who took us to the TV station seriously wants to adopt this little love bundle. Because she is one of only two actual employees of the Humane Society here, she will be given the opportunity to take him home for a night and see how he fits in with her family, furry and otherwise. ;0)

I predict that Koko will love Laura & her family as much as she adores him. Will keep you posted. I'm getting excited already, wondering what type of foster baby we will be offered next.

More later ..............


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