Thursday, March 13, 2008

Wax on Wax off ............ errr Paint the fence .......

White primer
Tan paintRene & Nick teamed up to get the Pavilion siding painted today.

Just in time to dry in the sun before the thunderstorms tonight.

I had forgotten how much I enjoy a spring thunderstorm. This evening it rolled in quickly. First the dark blue skyline, then the bolts of lightening both horizontal and vertical. The rain didn't come right away, instead it simply flashed and boomed for over an hour. I sat on the sofa with Mijo staring out the window as if in a spell. Had I stepped out the door when it started sprinkling I could have involved the 5th sense; as it was I took in the sights, smells, touch of the breezes and the sound of the booming thunder.

Springtime is such a glorious thing. The last couple days it has been warm enough to walk Mijo without a jacket in the morning and I've gotten lost in the bird song and the cool breezes. There are tiny purple flowers blooming around the property and tufts of very green grasses and weeds poking through. The trees are attempting to bud, praying it won't freeze again.

More later ......


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