Thursday, February 28, 2008

Another first

I believe this is the first fitted garment I've ever crocheted. I've always stuck to more flexible and fast projects like scarves, hats, ponchos, throws, pot holders and doilies. I've never followed a pattern and made a garment....... Now I know why! ha ha ha I spent at least 12 to 14 hours of crochet time on this little thing and nearly two full skeins of yarn. The stitch is so dense that the sweater isn't very soft or flexible. I would rather put it on a doll or a teddy bear than a baby. Maybe it needs washed; I don't know. Oh well; another mile stone crossed and another learning experience accomplished. It feels good.

Bubba is gone picking up his truck at Virgil's shop. He's pumped about the new exhaust break he had installed. It was an expensive project, but much cheaper here than we were quoted in Iowa. I'm glad its done and am excited to experience what it feels like. I know it will give us both a greater level of confidence when we roll with our home.

We've been talking at length about where we would like to settle down when we decide its time and what we're looking for in a home base. We've been searching the net for properties and Bubba even met with a local realtor we were referred to. Its been very interesting and every day we seem to come upon something that peaks our interest. We even found a property one mile from a huge bass fishing lake in Texas that has two homes on it, sits on an acre and a quarter and is listed for what we paid for our 5th wheel.......... amazing.

Gotta run. A week with no wheels means we need some basic groceries. ;-)

More later ....


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