Thursday, January 10, 2008

A walk in the woods

My adventure for today was a GLORIOUS stroll in the woods. I followed the path you see here and had an excellent time!Despite the wind today I felt energetic and promised Mijo a walk in the woods. Rene had told me it was a nice little walk down this path to his old barn and storage area and he was right. The first thing we came upon was a group of Cardinals on the path. I think there must have been half a dozen males and a few females dancing around right in our path.

As we kept heading down the path the wind subsided. It didn't feel like much of a hill till we turned around and headed back. ha ha ha

At the end of the path we found Rene's old barn and snooped around a bit. Signs, utility trailers, mowers and a boat are well hidden in the woods at the end of the path. The view is nice from the clearing there.

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Rene's wife said...

Bubba's wife,
Thank you for the beautiful pictures and wonderful stories of life at Ozark View. It does my heart good to see your experiences while I am way.
Many blessings to you, Bubba and Mijo,
Rene's wife

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