Friday, January 18, 2008

Follow Bubba with a mop ........

Have you ever seen a grown man slobber?? Take a man who loves to fish to a Bass Pro Outpost for the first time and be prepared. ha ha ha
After a great tour of the Bass Pro Outpost and an interesting conversation with a Tracker Boat saleswoman, we headed across the parking lot to their restaurant on the river. Even though there was remodeling going on inside there was still a great experience to be had. Our server turned out to be from Denver, Iowa (small world) and she had worked at the Hy Vee grocery store in Waverly. We started the meal with an appetizer of Alligator tail and Jalepeno corn bread. Bubba enjoyed a shrimp and pasta dish while I had a fried catfish sandwich and homemade potato salad .............. YUMMY!

Once again; our greatest experiences and the most money we spend while 'making like tourists' is on food. Material things serve to clutter our little home and harbor notions of guilt eventually. An amazing meal and/or conversation are much more valuable to the two of us.

I'm very excited about the Angel Food Distribution tomorrow. Will try to remember the camera to share it with you all.

More later ...


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