Saturday, January 5, 2008

Ozark Wildlife

New experiences abound. Today I got to know the laundry room first hand. ha ha ha Everything went so well ... I left it a bit cleaner than I found it and thoroughly enjoyed the time I had to read a book in silence. The owner, naturally, invited me to the office for TV or something more entertaining until I explained to him the meditative nature of undisturbed "me" time for a good book.
Bubba spent more time with Rene today. They've become fast friends. Rene is sssoooo easy to talk to and a really good guy. He is maintaining the entire park himself, learning how to do things he's never done before. Today he learned how to sharpen his chain saw. Thats something Bubba is real familiar with and happy to share.
Several of our neighbors, contractors working on a local airport, are coming back from the holidays. We met Chris tonight and his puppy Bo. After Mijo got done puting Bo in his place for being a silly puppy, we continued on our walk and let the guys chat.
The cute little armadillo above is a new friend I found in the grass at the end of our walk. I don't think I have ever seen one in person and I took several pictures. He was a pretty fearless little creature who got real close to me and didn't even seem to care that I was there. After the guys joined us he got intimidated and ran, but didn't go far.
All in all it was a gorgeous day. We hit a hi
gh of 66 degrees, opened the doors and windows and felt like kids in spring. After wearing the parka, cap and gloves just days ago it felt like Heaven!
More later. ;-)


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