Sunday, January 6, 2008

Southern Hospitality

We learned the meaning of Southern Hospitality today. Even though we're not that far South, the hospitality we experienced at the New Hope Baptist Church this morning was amazing. The cross you see above is in their almost new sanctuary. With around 80 people in attendance, the majority of which were participating in Sunday School when we arrived for church, I expect nearly a third of them personally came to greet us and welcome us to their church. We felt right at home, just like we did when we first entered Heritage UMC. We even got a good idea to share with Heritage in the form of a Greeting Package for visitors and new attendees.

I have to admit, going to church and enjoying lunch and a knap are about all we have accomplished today. I've listed a few things on eBay because they discovered I had overpaid and had issued me a credit.. ha ha ha ha We opened all the windows and the screen door again to let flow through the 71 degree air.......... HEAVENLY

More later .... ;-)


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