Friday, January 25, 2008

After the bath; before the brush

Its true. Those of us who have no children look at the world and our pets differently than those who have. God has given each of us an immense capacity to love and has given most women, though sometimes dormant, a maternal instinct.
I believe that my maternal instinct is completely put upon this poor little dog. ha ha ha Mijo has been with us well over 6 years and we hope he will be with us for many years to come. Most days we are attached at the hip. If I'm at my desk he's under it. If I'm on the sofa he's next to me. If I sit in my chair he's in my lap for at least 10 minutes before moving to his favorite hiding place. If I'm in the shower, he's in the bedroom, keeping his eye on both Bubba & I. BUT ......... When I head for the shower and use the words MIJO BATH, he mysteriously goes deaf and cowers in the living room. He desperately needs a hair cut but its just been too cold. I can't, in good conscience, trim him short and take him outside when the weather is in the teens and twenties. I don't have the talent to trim him without taking it too short so he'll just have to live with polar bear paws. This picture was taken today, after the bath and before the brush.

More later ...


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Rene's wife said...

Your baby is beautiful. I am glad you put Mijo back on your page.

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