Monday, January 28, 2008

Up She Rises

And the beat goes on.

Some folks need a hand when they work. Jerry needs a foot. Contracting polio at age 7, he walks on crutches and his legs are supported by braces from the thigh down. To say the least, he is amazing! He works at ground level and occasionally needs someone to stand on the board while he cuts. Today I saw him working on a ladder. He's a contractor that doesn't let the world get him down.

I'm trying to be inconspicuous and have been
taking these photos thru my living room window. They turned out pretty well considering they're taking through glass ............. glass that hasn't been washed in ages. ;-)

Yesterday I remembered that I used to be good at pool. Not as good as Bubba, of course, but not bad. There is a pool table in the clubhouse/office and we had fun challenging each other while we did laundry.

Today we received word that Bubba has lost two family members. He's been disconnected from his family, by mutual agreement, for several years and it was unexpected to receive contact. It wasn't a big surprise that his father had passed away as he was in his 80's and not in good health. It was a surprise, however, to find out that he had lost a son. Please keep Bubba in your thoughts and prayers. He's very strong and is handling it like a champ, but I know it hurts him terribly.

More later .....


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