Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sometimes you feel like a Duck

One of the oldest and most interesting things to do in Branson, Missouri is to Ride the Ducks.
They offer two locations and very different tours. The Branson Landing tour is reasonably new. Its a shorter ride and is very informative about historic Branson and about the new Branson Landing shopping and entertainment area. It was a real good time and inspired us to try the Table Rock tour. It also gave us a great discount for the Table Rock tickets as long as we took the second tour within 10 days of the first. 

The Table Rock tour was longer, more exciting and a super fun time. On the Table Rock tour you learn about the creation of Table Rock Lake and get a tour of various military vehicles which helped inspire the Duck. You drive to an inspiring, private view point on a peek overlooking the lake as well as taking a spin in the lake which allows all the kids on board to drive the Duck and get their honorary captain's license.   ;-) 

The city of Branson has a Veteran's Museum and the Duck Captains make sure all passengers and all Veterans know how much our current and past military personel are appreciated. 

Many businesses in town affiliate themselves with the Duck tours. If you go shopping or eating out with your Quaker (see Bubba's lanyard) you receive discounts on product, meals and services. As you ride through town, especially historic down town Branson, you all blast your quackers are pedestrians and business people. Some of the local shop owners step outside with their quackers and join in the noise. The captain on our Table Rock tour, Daisy, liked to blast her quacker over the speaker at the local golfers if she saw them teeing off or putting ... I got a kick out of that. 
On a different topic, I need to let you know how excited I am about the fact that   MY PARENTS ARE COMING TO SEE US!!!!!!!  Mom & Dad are pulling their RV here to Ozark View next weekend and will be spending at least a week here with us. I think its just awesome that they have found something they really love to do together now that Dad is retired. While the weather is good they have been taking full advantage by camping often. They were able to spend a week and a half in Minnesota with Deb & Brad and now they're coming to Arkansas. Mom is still working part time and is staying busy between RV trips filling orders for her customers. They found a real solid 26' travel trailer that fits them real well. They both put their mark on it, customizing just a little to suit them, and it really seems to be perfect for them. 

Better scoot. Laundry to finish.

More later ..............


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