Sunday, October 5, 2008

Bubba caught this one

This time Bubba came back to the coach for his camera. I was in the shower while he snapped this picture of a male Texas Brown out "looking for love" behind our neighbor's SUV. 

I read about Arkansas tarantulas on the internet. I needed to calm my overwhelming fear......... They're a throw back to when this area was much more arid. Scientists are only aware of one species, the Texas Brown, living in this area. The females burrow up to 24 inches into the soil or under a large rock and build a web at the entrance. They do not go out and hunt, simply feed on what gets caught in their web. The females hibernate in the burrow in the winter and lay a large egg sac. Late September and October is mating season and the males are searching for females to propagate. After they find the female, lure her out of her burrow, control her fangs and inseminate her, they make a hasty exit. The males then typically perish either from starvation or cold. They are not venemous but, if provoked, can bite with the verocity of a bee sting. They also have short, barbed hairs on their abdomen which they can rub off into the air which can do damage to your eyes if you're close.   

On the shiny side; they're not venemous and they're large enough that you will likely see them and be able to avoid them if you're paying attention. I sure keep a closer eye on Mijo now. I can't imagine what it would do to his big brown eyes if he picked up those barbed little hairs. He's curious about everything and thats how we discovered the first tarantula on the night we pulled in. 

Well, I better put my shoes on and get ready. We're making a Sam's Club trip today. We're longing for more beef and pork than we typically get in an Angel Food box and distribution is still nearly 3 weeks away. 

More later ........


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