Thursday, October 23, 2008

More every day life

So what if it's Dad's chair; its my blanket!
I'm not spoiled ................. really, I'm not!

Since the Lord blessed me with the patience to read and understand crochet patterns, I feel like a kid in a candy shop. I've made hats, scarves, doilies, baby garments and shawls.
This is my current project; my first adult fitted garment. I found a pattern booklet with five patterns for sweaters fitted to plus sized women. As I've started crocheting with patterns rather than winging it I've discovered that patterns for large people are few and far between. You typically have to attempt to translate a pattern by percentages of increase into a larger size. 

This is my current favorite yarn; Caron Simply Soft. Its a reasonable to mid priced yarn and easy to find. Its a worsted weight acrylic with the feel of a much more expensive yarn. The yarn feels silky and the finish is smooth and glossy. Its the perfect yarn for a detailed stitch because of the highlights.

I had purchased this yarn and half a dozen buttons for a different sweater pattern I had found. I should have just enough to finish the project, I pray. I'll keep you posted on my progress.

So, what do you think, should we work today?
Nah, I think it might rain later. I'm just gonna run some errands and do the daily chores. Ok, I'll knock out my chores and saranade the wife with the new music books I found for the guitar.

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