Saturday, October 25, 2008

Angel Food Ministries

I've posted previously about Angel Food Ministries but felt especially inspired to post with photos this month. Today we went to the Branson United Methodist Church to pick up our order at their monthly distribution. In this first photograph you see a 'Regular Box' a 'Senior Box' and a 'Special #5'. 
This month we ordered 2 Senior Boxes, 1 Regular and 1 Special #5. The second Senior Box is still packaged to the left of the cooler.

This picture is the Regular Box. We take our cooler to distribution and slide it down the assembly line of food items. This month there were 5 meat items, 1 complete box meal, two bags of frozen veggies, fruit drink, milk, eggs, potatoes, corn tortillas, spaghetti, spaghetti sauce and a box of cookies. They try to include all you will need for a complete meal such as spaghetti, sauce & meat balls, chicken fajita meat & tortillas. Angel Food describes the Regular Box as
Balanced nutrition and variety with enough food to feed a family of four for a week.
All of this, the Regular Box, cost us just $30!

This box is the Special #5; a fresh fruit and vegetable mix. Beautiful food!!! A 5 lb bag of Yukon Gold potatoes, 7 big red potatoes, a pinneaple, a bag of lemons, a huge head of cabbage, a big head of lettuce, baby carrots, onions and a whole bag of red apples. All of this, the monthly Special #5, cost us just $21!
This is a brand new offering from Angel Food Ministries; the Senior/Convenience Box. This is a VERY popular item for obvious reasons. Lots of seniors find the regular box too big and the portion sizes too much. The Senior Box offers 10 prepackaged, precooked complete meals. The meals are specially packaged for Angel Food, they are not a brand name you would find on a store shelf. Angel Food describes the Senior Box as
Ten perfectly seasoned, nutritionally balanced, fully cooked meals—just heat and serve. Each meal has been developed with the dietary needs of senior citizens in mind, and contains 3 oz. of protein, a starch & two vegetables or fruit.
All this, the Senior/Convenience box, cost us just $28!
We ordered two!

Along with the Senior Box is this sheet with the complete nutritional information for every dish.
Along with every Angel Food order you receive a copy of the Servant magazine. In this magazine you will find information about what Angel Food is up to, recipes sent in by patrons, inspirational stories about host sites, various other information and the menu for the following month.

We love Angel Food Ministries. We were blessed to be able to help establish the host site at our home church and they are doing simply awesome!! It has turned out to be a blessing to the church and the community in so many ways. Every individual and family qualifies for Angel Food, there are no stipulations. If you choose not to purchase the food for yourself you can purchase it for someone else. You can either choose who receives it or simply purchase a Blessing Box to be offered by the host site. You can volunteer each month to assist with distribution at your local host site,  which Bubba and I find most rewarding. And, every Regular Box you purchase contributes to the benevolence funds of the Angel Food host site.

You couldn't find a better, all around, WIN WIN WIN organization.
We pray you will choose to participate in some way in Angel Food Ministries and enjoy the abundance the Lord offers to us all.

God Bless!

More later ......


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amothersheartinwords said...

oh, I can't wait to participate in this program!! SIGN me up!!

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