Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Bird watcher's Paradise

It has been some time since I've posted and I have so much to share ......... but I must get busy on chores today and catch up later. I did want to share one thing that I've finally documented and LOVE about this park. Its a bird watchers paradise. I'm sure I've forgotten some and have seen some that I couldn't yet identify, but have made a list of the birds I've seen and photographed in the past few months. I haven't caught up to you yet, Dad, but I'm still trying! ;-)

Robin ~ Snowbird ~ Wren ~ Meadowlark ~ Flicker ~ Cardinal ~ Blue Bird ~ Blue Jay ~ Mockingbird ~ Red Bellied Woodpecker ~ Downy Woodpecker ~ Blue Herron ~ Bald Eagle ~ Turkey Buzzard ~ Black bird ~ Sparrow ~ Red Tailed Hawk ~ Nuthatch ~ Chickadee ~ Starling ..... and the list will go on.

And, in addition to all the armadillo, red squirrel and grey squirrel we see almost every day, we saw a fox run across the field about a week ago.

More later .........


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