Friday, April 11, 2008

Another valuable knit/crochet charity

When I signed up for the Lion Brand Yarn weekly newsletter I had no idea it would lead me to so many valuable things. I've printed and tried some new crochet stitches and patterns and shopped some kits on sale, but the best part has been their information about charities and ministries related to the 'fiber arts'.

The first one I linked to was the Prayer Shawl Ministry; today I would like to pass on information about Warm Woolies. This organization is based in Colorado and accepts knitted and crocheted items from all over the country and the world. They send finished items all over the world and, more specifically, to the poorest American Indian Reservations in the US. One of the Reservations my family is very familiar with as they made multiple mission trips there through the Emmanuel United Church of Christ in Clarksville. If you knit or crochet please check out this web site to see if their efforts are something you may be interested in participating in or contributing to.

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