Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Spring has sprung

Sunday afternoon felt more like our past experiences at an RV resort than any Sunday prior in Arkansas. We gathered at the new pavilion to enjoy a new barbeque and to christen the facility. Rene & Cecilia, Bubba & I enjoyed a great meal and a few games of Aggravation. Theresa joined us as well as Kevin, a contractor from Iowa and Gary & Alfie, a couple here from Toronto. We had some laughs, a couple drinks and simply enjoyed each other's company. We were hoping Nick and Tiffany could join us too but they were both headed off to work Sunday afternoon.

Yesterday Bubba helped me with some spring cleaning. We loaded up more laundry than I've done at one time in ages. We washed all bedding, sofa blankets and towels with several loads of clothes. The big new laundro-mat behind Tractor Supply proved to be up to the task and we filled 8 washers at one time. All the BIG machines were in use, but there were 42 new Maytags available. It seems like a lot of work to load up so much laundry and haul it to town but we had 8 loads folded and on the way home within just a couple hours; a great big job done.

A week ago or more I was out taking pictures of daffodils. Today I could take pictures of the tulips blooming up by the office. They're beautiful. There are more daffodils blooming up there too, not solid yellow but bi-colored and white. There are thick bunches of purple flowers blooming on the hillside too but I don't know what they are.

Rene and Cecilia are hard at work in the office and the bathrooms. Fresh paint and new floor tile are really going to put a fresh face lift on the place. After a year's worth of hard work you can really see the progress they've made and how the park and the campers have benefited.

I'm praying that our delay in returning to Iowa will allow us to enjoy springtime twice, to an extent. I don't know if the flowers are blooming up home yet but I hope we will still see some in a few weeks. We're planning to head North on the morning of May 1st. We'll drive a couple easy days and be home in the afternoon of the 2nd.

I'm excited to get back to family and back to church. I look forward to projects and camping with Mom & Dad. I look forward to Angel Food Distribution days. I look forward to small family get togethers and big family ruinions. And, I look forward to planning our next trip. If all goes well we hope to visit with friends in North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama & Texas before heading back home for the holidays.

I think I've babbled on long enough for today.

More later ........


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