Monday, April 21, 2008

Odiferous memories

Memories are created by a variety of sensory input we experience. I have found that my sense of smell is one of the strongest receptors. Last night we lit a campfire and sat next to it for an hour or two. This morning the wood was still burning so we added to it and had morning coffee next to the fire. When I smell a campfire and feel the crisp spring air it sends me back in time. Some of my fondest childhood memories are of Labor Day trips to Uncle Roger's cabin in Wisconsin.

The smell of a campfire sooths me. It makes me feel nostalgic and happy. I think I need to market "campfire" as a new scented candle or room freshener. ;-)

Well, I better go. Mijo had a bath this morning and he needs to go stroll through the park and show off before I shave him again. He's forgiven me by now for going to a dog show this weekend and coming home smelling like 10 different dogs. I had been thinking that some day I would like to keep a Great Dane as a house dog but changed my mind after he slobbered all over my new shirt. ha ha ha ha

More later ............


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