Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The only constant is change

Since last I blogged; the 5 inches of snow became 6, the 6 inches of snow melted and turned to mud, the mud increased with a day of rain showers, the temp reached 70 two days in a row and now.............. flurries, 28 degrees and high wind gusts. But ..... We thank God today, more than ever, that we are safe in the midst of storms that have taken the lives of so many people. We pray for their families and all of those suffering from the damage left behind.

We snuck out on one of those 70 degree days and took a drive to Bull Shoals Lake, Diamond City and Lead Hill. It was a real windy day and Bubba didn't have any luck fishing. I walked the shoreline around a little cove at Lead Hill Park and picked up a few things that stirred my curiosity. None of it lasted any longer than taking the picture, but it was interesting none the less. Stones, bones, rocks and shells were my treasures of the day.

In between storms Rene has made more progress on the pavilion. They finished raising the rafters and placing the roof. Rene got the tar paper (?) fabric tacked down on one side before the rain. This morning its sprinkled with white stuff again ................ YUCK!

I continue down the doily path. Should have more than a table full for the Fall Dinner and Craft Sale at church! ;-) The latest are a bit patriotic I guess. I also mastered a heavy thread. Working my way closer to the delicate stuff. Will get there eventually. Might have to break out the magnifying visor but, oh well, I am over 40. ha ha ha

More later ....


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