Monday, February 25, 2008

Onward and Upward

Its a thing of beauty! Rene and Bubba have been able to work on the pavilion again and its looking more beautiful and finished all the time. Yet to be done are enclosures on the ends of the roof, benches in the corners for seating, some landscaping and a walkway for solid access. I think Rene intends to build a stone barbeque and put horse shoe pits in this area too. The pond will be filled as well. The park was beautiful when we came in and I expect it will be even more enticing every time we are able to pass through.
Cecilia heads back to Georgia this afternoon. It has been a great pleasure to spend time with her and her family this past week. I have never met a family that makes one feel so immediately at ease and comfortable in their presence. The other day I was invited on a shopping trip. Imagine a young man escorting his girlfriend, mother, grandmother and neighbor through several stores; everyone looking for something different. It was amazing. I've seldom enjoyed a shopping experience as much.
I wish you safe travels today, Cecilia. I apologize if I've misspelled your name and I'm anxious for the day I may refer to you as Dr. Garcia! ;-) God Bless you!

More later ....


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