Friday, February 15, 2008

Today I found a new ministry to which I can devote crochet time. What a beautiful idea! The list of potential recipients of these Prayer and Comfort shawls seems endless. I will choose one personally and possibly bring the idea to church and see if any other knitters or crocheters want to get involved. Kay and Bonnie have done so much good with their "Grandma's Hugs" blankets for kids in the hospital; I think the Prayer Shawls should go to survivors of domestic violence or families of military personnel.

All weather related evidence to the contrary, I do believe we are swiftly approaching spring. Yesterday I saw a Robin for the first time this year and today the squirrels were out in numbers, playing and chasing each other. At one point there were five in view.

It has jumped to my attention today, more than is typical, that I am a very visual person. I seem never to post in my blog without a photo. I am a hands on learner and when planning a project and/or calculating what supplies it will take, I must draw it completely. I was moderately adept at geometry while pitiful at algebra. Its a visual thing...
Useless information, yes; but its my blog and I'll spout fluff if I feel like it. ha ha ha

I had the pleasure of meeting Cecilia Garcia today. She is Rene's wife and this is her beautiful RV Park. What a lovely person! I had a preconceived notion of what a conversation with her would be like and, amazingly enough, I was right! ha ha ha It was my pleasure today, Cecilia, and I look forward to our next meeting.

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bubba said...

I'm jealous. Meeting his wife!! Stomping my little feet!!!

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