Friday, January 2, 2009

To follow where we're led

One of my most frequent prayers is for guidance. I try to open my eyes to the way God is trying to guide me through life. I had a great chat last night with some RVers from Wisconsin about the "if - then" way the Lord works in our lives. He gives us the freedom of choice and knows what will result from every possible decision. 

Yesterday I was digging into a storage tub for something and came upon a little slip of paper with a phone number and name, written in someone else's hand. The name is of a couple we met in California at the RV Park where we lived for two years. They were from Texas and were spending 6 months in California working with family. We haven't been in contact for well over two years and they had slipped my mind completely when I thought of folks I may know in Texas. What grabbed my attention was that their area code is the same as where we currently sit. 

We took this as a clear message for God and Bubba immediately called them. We're going to Marshall to have lunch with them Saturday. We feel compelled to do this, believing this must be the direction God wants us to go. I'm very anxious to see Stan and P.A. again. Their little dog, Gidget, should have fun with Mijo for the afternoon too.   ;-)

More good news; we heard from our dear friend Nancy the other day. We tryed to make contact when we were in Alabama, where she lives, but were not successful. She's been fighting some battles recently but is on the upswing and we had a fantastic talk. We will continue to pray for her and look forward to our next contact. 

Well, I better get busy. We're spending a good part of the day in Marshall tomorrow and heading out from here Sunday morning. I have the typical packing away and organizing to do as well as catching up on laundry. I was excited that I could share two of my Amish cake starter bags this week. I have now branched it out to Texas, Iowa and Wisconsin.   ;-)  I think of Sheila every time I bake because she was the friend who shared it with me. I pray those I've shared it with think of me when they bake too. 

More later ....... 


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