Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Almost every day when leaving or entering the park we are greated by the local wildlife. These are just a few of the friendlys we encounter. Tonight, on our way in, there was a group of at least 8 turkey on the tree line not 10 yards from an 8 point buck. They were all just wandering along the tree line watching us drive by. Of course I didn't have my camera along tonight....  oh well.

On to other topics. 
We made an offer on a property this week. The seller signed it back to us at much too high a price. We raised our offer by a fair amount but they weren't willing to budge. We closed the contract and have moved on. Today we drove by several properties. One was very interesting with a nearly brand new 40 x 50 shop which could accomidate the 5th wheel and a great work shop. Alas, after the agent arrived to walk us through the home we were sadly disappointed. Not apparent from the exterior, the home is in very poor shape and would need a new roof at the very least. Given the option I would light a match and start from scratch with the utilities, foundation and basement.  ;-)

If its meant to be that we live here the right place will appear. If not we'll enjoy our winter in San Angelo and move on in March.

More later ..........


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