Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last post of 2008

Can you believe it; the last day of the year 2008? It was one year ago today that we rolled into Omaha, Arkansas and met Rene Garcia for the first time at the Ozark View RV Park. It was a desperately cold night and the wind was blowing hard. Tonight we will be in Tyler, Texas and expect 30 degrees for a low. Its 57 right now and we feel so fortunate! 

The past week has been like a blur. We've done some shopping (both Sam's & Wally in Tyler), we've done some driving (two large lakes about 30 miles North), we've gotten caught up on some chores, I've done some baking and we've experienced a Cowboy Church for the first time. Before we head West again we plan to catch up on a couple more chores and to visit the Zoo in Tyler.

The cowboy church was very interesting. We went on Christmas Eve and enjoyed their musical service. The church is in a large metal building that housed everything they need. From the full kitchen they served a meal before the service. During the service they had a live nativity scene in the front with all charactors in authentic Old West garb. The baby boy was so quiet and happy, it was beautiful. The wise men and shephards were even sporting revolvers and spurs. ;-)  Everything in the front of the church is natural wood, from the cross on the wall to the little lecturn stands draped in paisley bandanas. They had given the preacher the night off to spend with his family and there were plenty of congregation members ready to offer excellent music, poetry and scripture. The children gathered around a church elder sitting in a padded rocker to listen to the Christmas story. We didn't make it to Sunday services because I was a bit under the weather but felt the Christmas Eve services filled us with their love.

 This is potato bread and a dandy recipe if I may say so. I still long for better elasticity in the bread so it doesn't crumble so easily. I suspect that will come when I work it in a stand mixer rather than by hand with a wooden spoon. I may need to knead it longer too.  ;-)  If anyone is interested in this recipe please let me know. Its made with left over mashed potatoes.

Bubba and I believe we have found the most amazing flavor combination for the Amish bread/cake starter. We used banana cream pudding rather than vanilla and dried blueberries rather than raisins. DELICIOUS would barely describe it, especially when its still warm. We've decided that we like it best baked as a cake rather than in a loaf pan. I still coated the pan and the top of the batter with the cinnamon/sugar mix and I think that accents it well. 

We would like to wish you all as much love and happiness as you can stand in the new year. May the Lord smile upon you and may you enjoy the comfort that only comes from a relationship with him. 

More later ......................  2009


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