Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Another glorious day!

Today I feel like rambling. I hope I don't put you all to sleep but I have just a few things to get off my brain. Since this is my journal ...... here goes.

Isn't this one of the most interesting cows you've ever seen? Right across the fence from the 5 Star RV Park in Tyler is a herd of cows and they are a diverse bunch. Every color, size and shape you can imagine are gathered in this one place. I thought this one was the most attractive.  ;-)

Saturday afternoon our long lost friends from Marshall came to Tyler and we had dinner at the Texas Roadhouse. GREAT steak and the company was even better. I think they found us as changed as we found them. We had only known each other for a short time when we were all living in Southern California. They were "liberated" from there before we were and were never so happy to come home to Texas. We enjoyed a fantastic meal then the guys went off for ice cream while we girls went to Bed Bath & Beyond. We chatted for a while at the trailer she took home my last extra Amish bread starter bag. Thats twice in a row I've shared all my starters and only had one to bake with. HOW AWESOME! 

How silly we were believing we might miss out on all the real winter weather just because we came South. Yesterday the temp was in the high 20's and it rained and sleeted all day. There was about half an inch of ice covering everything and 8 inch icicles hanging from the nose of the trailer. We've had some cold and windy days this season but that was the worst we've encountered this trip. Thankfully we were parked and hooked up at the dealership. We even found the most affordable propane yet, here in Decatur. Just in case any of our RVing friends are curious, our last diesel purchase was $1.99 per gallon in Tyler and propane here is a flat $20 for a 30 lb tank with no sales tax. Yiippee

I'm praying that the past will repeat itself once again. When we were living in Calimesa and I was working for Jim Hahn, my friend Dorothy from Texas bought a 5th wheel and moved into it. We were already shopping for ours and we followed suite shortly there after. Since then she and her husband moved from the Georgetown area to the Houston area. We moved from California to Iowa. This morning I found out that she and Steve bought a house a couple months ago and are loving the 'work in progress' it has become. Its our turn now! :-)

I noticed, while I was on the phone with Mom yesterday, that everywhere I've lived or visited in the past few years there seem to be Mockingbirds. I've become a novice bird watcher and love to take pictures of them. I first noticed the mockingbirds in Hemet, perched atop a big cactus guarding it's home. Today there are at least half a dozen of them spending time in a tree behind us. There is a beautiful pair of cardinal here too. I captured her on the Kodak but have yet to sneak a shot of him.

I'm sure there were at least a dozen more things I intended to ponder about but they escape me at the moment. Oh well ... blog fodder for later as Sheila would say. 

More later ...........


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Sheila said...

have I ever told you how difficult it is for me to actually GET a comment on to your blog? that's why you don't see more!
So glad you are having a good time. Missing you three!

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