Friday, January 9, 2009

Goals are important

On several occasions I recall receiving the wisdom that if you wish to attain a goal you must write it down. I guess we did, in a way, on our blogs and by verbally sharing it with many friends and family. Our goal of personally visiting Big Spring, Texas is one we've planned for over a year. We both felt drawn, nearly compelled to come here. We've seen various properties on line that peaked our interest and read many positive things about the area and the climate. And now we can say we've accomplished that goal! It feels great. If ever asked about this area we will have first hand knowledge to share. Are we in love with the place; do we want to live here? Nope. But we feel good that the decision was made from our own first hand experience of it, not from someone else's opinion or perspective.

Our ultimate goal is to find the place we want to call home and we will accomplish that goal. We've put no time limit on it and both believe we'll know it when we see it. Our next step on that path is to head for the Hill Country of Central Texas. There are several communities and properties we find extremely interesting down there and we're excited to start exploring. Its exciting too that some dear friends from California are also headed for the Hill Country this spring and will be looking for a place to live. We'll keep you posted!!

More later ...............


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Sheila said...

I am anxious to hear about Big Spring, TX. And am also anxious to hear if you'll be spending a summer to "try out" the humidity of Hill Country in Central Texas....?


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