Saturday, January 17, 2009

We do love San Angelo

I just wanted to tell y'all (hee hee) a little bit about San Angelo, Texas. We've been here a week now and have learned to appreciate the area and the people who live here a little more every day. Folks are so very friendly and helpful and the weather has simply been a slice of heaven here on earth. We've eaten out a couple times, we've shopped at a few stores, we've fished and walked and even met with a real estate agent and looked at a property. We're doing some research on the area that even includes getting a quote from a builder to put the quonset home of our dreams on a piece of property. 

When shopping at Wal Mart yesterday I noticed something that inspired me a little bit. In Iowa, California, Nevada, Arkansas, Missouri, North Carolina and Tyler, Texas, being the people watchers that we are, we observed a large number of shoppers and employees at Wal Mart who didn't appear to worry much about their appearance.  At the Wal Mart in San Angelo there was a pronounced difference. I may have seen one or two folks who may have forgotten to look in the mirror before they ran to the store but was inspired by the fact that everyone else I saw seemed happy and confident and  attentive to their appearance in public. And, whether they were wearing business attire and diamonds or were wearing sports wear and running shoes, they were all very friendly and kind.

Tomorrow we move from one RV space to another and I get to bake Amish bread again. I think I'll try chocolate pudding and chopped dates this time. Sounds interesting. Oh, by the way, we've seen deer in numbers two days this week. At one point there were at least 15 in a roadside park and 4 of them were so relaxed they were laying down watching traffic roll by. Mijo met a cute little Shi Tzu Pikaneese mix this afternoon named Sassy. She will be our neighbor after tomorrow and for the next couple months. I'm sure they will both enjoy that.

Well I better go. 
More later ...........


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