Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Our ideal RV Park

    I'm fighting with my computer over pictures right now ........... but I can still type.    ;-)

     On Sunday we decided it was time to head South from Big Spring, just a short jaunt down the road, to San Angelo, Texas. We've contained our destination search, for the most part, to the triangle between I-35, I-20 & I-10 in West Central Texas. San Angelo is pretty much in the absolute middle of that area. We're less than 100 miles South of Big Spring but our immediate response to this area and this RV Park specifically is at the opposite end of the spectrum. Within the hour after pulling into the RV Park on Lake Nasworthy we went back to the office and reserved a space for the next two months! 

     The Spring Creek Marina and RV Park is a privately owned RV Park positioned within a city park. The park is waterfront on Lake Nasworthy and for this first week so are we. Next week we will move to a monthly space and then be only one row further from the waterfront. This week the weather here is low 60's in the day and high 20's at night. There was a few hours of wind last night but its been simply gorgeous. Yesterday we watched a pair of swans swim by and had to stop on the park drive to let a 6 point buck cross in front of us. According to the managers the park is full of deer, some turkey and lots of dove. 

     Yesterday we drove through town and spotted a few stores we like to frequent. San Angelo is just under 100,000 people and offers everything from Sam's Club to PetCo. There are at least 60 restaraunts and  a downtown river walk. We've read through the local city guide and saw tons of wonderful things we would like to experience. The stock show and rodeo takes place the week of Bubba's birthday so thats how we intend to celebrate it this year. We stopped at a bait shop and bought fishing licenses and today we aim to drown a worm or two. Bubba thinks he's found heaven. He can walk out the front door and have a line in the water in less than a minute.  We've done a little searching on line, driven around the perimeter of town and picked up a couple real estate books. We don't think this is our destination but we sure intend to enjoy it for the next couple months. 

More later ............


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