Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

I'm very excited. This is where we are attending Christmas Eve services tonight. Another brand new experience for us is on the horizon. I had never heard of a Cowboy Church and am anxious to participate in the music and fellowship this evening. After an offer to guide us to any type of Christmas Eve service we may desire, we decided we would like to join our RV Park manager Shirley at her church tonight. She participates in the musical portion of the ministry at the Cross Brand Cowboy Church of Tyler. On our first day in the park we invited her in to warm up with a cup of coffee and were blessed with a few beautiful songs. She played Bubba's 12 string and sang some original music for us that was simply AWESOME.

We've decided (  I begged ;-)  ) that we are going to stay here for two weeks instead of just one. I have tons of fresh fruit stored in Debbie Meyer green bags that I need to either bake with, make salad or juice out of or freeze. I have an Amish Cinnamon Bread bake on Monday. We've found every kind of shopping we might need in Tyler; ie: Sam's Club, diesel for $2.19/gallon and so on. And we're waiting to hear from the Titanium dealer in Decatur when he receives the replacement cable for our slide out that he ordered from the factory in Ontario. I also found that I was wrong about there being no laundry room at this park. I checked it out yesterday and am excited to have such a nice clean laundry room with a farm sink, folding table, ceiling fan and bookshelf full of reading material. Thats how I will be spending my Christmas Eve day.

I wish you all a very Blessed and Loving Christmas. We miss all our friends and family very much. Please know that we are thinking of you and praying with you as we celebrate Jesus' birth.

More later ........


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Sheila said...

ok, try again. Did I ever tell you that I have the hardest time leaving comments on your page that's why I don't always do it?


Have a lovely evening, we love you and send warm wishes for a soul-filling evening with new friends! God bless you and keep you!


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