Saturday, December 20, 2008

For Sheila; to satisfy your sqeak ;-)

Each and every day we are reminded just how BLESSED we are in this life. I thank the Lord for everything and today was no different. 

While we were in North Carolina we experienced an Angel Food Host Site that accepted orders on line. We decided we should share Angel Food with others for Christmas and ordered 2 basics and 6 specialty boxes as gifts. We are blessed to be able to share with others and it feels so good. This morning, while going through a pile of mail, I opened a check from one of Bubba's previous employers which covered all the Angel Food gifts and most of our order. This was one of those "out of the blue" kind of windfalls that is completely unexpected and always at the perfect time.

My Dad has always told me that if you give you will receive and it has been proven to me over and over.  I thank you for teaching me that, Dad, and I thank you for being a living example of your word. 

On to other topics for the day. Tonight we sit in Vicksburg, Mississippi. We're right along the river and the Mississippi and Louisiana state line. Its not a picturesque park this time or somewhere we would like to spend a couple days; just a convenient place to spend the night with a free shuttle to the buffet. ha ha ha  Tomorrow morning we head West and will set down in Tyler, Texas. Monday we need to contact a Titanium RV dealer for service as we have a cable fraying and about to snap on our bedroom closet slide out. Its not easy to work around the closet being in, but it beats being stuck in the woods near Birmingham and not being able to bring it in. I had promised to tell you about the Cherokee Campground in Helena, Alabama ........ but ......... if I can't find anything nice to say I choose to say nothing at all.

Its likely the RV dealer, who is NW of Ft.Worth, may not be able to get to us until after Christmas so we are prepared to spend the week and the holiday in Tyler. I'm sure we can find a church who will welcome us and let us celebrate Jesus' birthday with them. 

I better go. Bubba and Mijo are snoring away in the chair next to me. Its cool enough here to get a good night's sleep. The last couple nights in Alabama was so humid that we had to turn the air on to be able to breathe. I don't think we'll have the problem from here out. Looks like the weather will be nice with a little rain in our near future. 

More later ......


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