Sunday, December 21, 2008

Guess where we are?

If anyone is reading this who doesn't know us well or hasn't been following this blog long you may not understand.
For those of you who know us you'll understand my excitement.
We've felt drawn to Texas for at least a year now and we're finally here.
We're staying at the 5 Star RV Park between Tyler and I-20. We plan to stay here for at least a week. We need repair to our bedroom closet slide and will be making arrangements for that with whichever Titanium dealer can get us in soonest after Christmas. We're going to call locations near Ft.Worth and near San Antonio.

We've only been here for a few hours but I feel confident in recommending this park to anyone who is traveling through this area. Its not a big park and they don't offer laundry or propane but the manager is an extraordinary woman and the Christian love is overwhelming. Mijo pulled me down a nice hiking path, around a pond and made me run till I was out of breath. Funny how much excercise he needs after being cooped up in the truck all day. ha ha

We've been rolling for a week so its time to sit still for at least a week. I need to do laundry, send a package to Iowa, balance accounts, celebrate Jesus' birthday and go to the zoo!  ;-)

More later .......


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Sheila said...

Yay! Ya'll. Heheh. So glad you made it safely. Now, pay attention to the weather. Do you know how cold it is here?


But, it's nice and warm inside! Thanks in LARGE part to YOU!


If I don't talk to you before Thurs - Merry Merry and Bright Christmas.


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