Sunday, June 1, 2008

Another beautiful Sunday

I'm fighting a desperate desire to take a nap, so forgive me if I don't make the best sense.

Another glorious day. Elvin and Dorothy came to church with us where we celebrated confirmation and communion and topped it off with cake and coffee after. They had other lunch plans so won't be back till tonight. Mom, Dad, Bubba and I met Darlys and Jan, my aunts from Minnesota, for lunch in Waverly and they came home with us for the buffet of pie (more about that later). What a blast. I think the six of us could laugh and carry on for days on end if we didn't feel the need for sleep.

As you can see, there is no family resemblance at all ............. ha ha ha ha ha

The buffet of pies has not yet ended. Mom & Dad's asparagus and rhubarb beds are very productive! We've enjoyed creamed asparagus over toast, steamed asparagus and bagged some for the freezer. This week it was rhubarb fest. Dad has been making some great rhubarb crisps and I wanted to see if we could find some new interesting recipes. Yesterday he made a double strawberry pie for Elvin, the rhubarb hater, and we both tried a new rhubarb recipe. He made a rhubarb custard pie and I made a banana / rhubarb cream pie; sugar free of course. YUMMY!!!!!!! Tonight I think I'll try the rhubarb coffee cake. I saved enough buttermilk back for that recipe from Bubba's garlic mashed taters and cold buttermilk cravings.

Mom & Dad might have to go on their first camping adventure this week without us. It has rained so much here lately that I'm convinced the yard is far too soft for us to pull out and back in again. We were hoping to get a three day outing in before Vacation Bible School starts on the 8th. I've volunteered to be their photographer again and Bubba signed up to mow the church yard for a couple weeks. He's really become the lawn mower man.

Before I close my eyes in the bean bag chair for 30 minutes or so, one last tidbit to pass along. My Dad strives to be all things to all people. He attempts to keep many of his efforts anonymous but there are some things done for specific folks which are quite obvious. Today a token of thanks was presented for his efforts to help the Feast and Fellowship committee at church. Dad's knees are in poor shape and it makes it nearly impossible for him to get off the ground when he's gardening; though it continues to be one of his great loves. Today we found these tokens at the edge of the recently tilled and planted (by Dad & Bubba) church garden.

More later .......


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