Friday, May 30, 2008

The windows have it

When we were in Arkansas the blue birds fell in love with our mirrored rear window and a couple spent hours one day aggressively bouncing off the window while trying to impress one another. They (the male, anyway ;-) ) left all kinds of white residue on the window. Today, here in Iowa, it was the Orioles getting busy bouncing off our rear window. What a gorgeous pair of birds. She would sit on the ladder and call him from across the yard. She would fluff her feathers and make pretty for him then join him in pecking away at the window, over and over and over again. She even kept up the pace while he took a 15 minute coffee break and then came back. ha ha ha

Mom & I put together her new computer desk today. Its BIG, BEAUTIFUL and heavy. It was a blast. I love assembling furniture and always enjoy working with Mom.

Mom & Dad have company tonight and tomorrow. Mom and Dad share some cousins. No, they're no directly related to one another! ha ha ha ha ha Thats not why I am the way I am, I promise. They have aunts and uncles who married aunts and uncles. ;-) The couple here tonight are some really fantastic people. Dorothy and Elvin, hope I spelled that right, are from Tennessee. They travel constantly and spend lots of time with family. I really enjoy their company and am glad they're here.

Gonna run. Its Battlestar Galactica night and I'm hooked.

More later.....


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