Saturday, June 7, 2008

How could we be so busy?

After a few nights of broken sleep due to storms we really thought we had it made yesterday. We enjoyed oatmeal and raisins for breakfast; a comfort food from childhood. Dad headed for the asparagus patch to weed while I worked on the flower bed in our corner of the world. Mom went to her shop to sew an order for a customer and Bubba went to Mom's computer to see what he could do to fix a few problems. By lunch time we had accomplished bunches and I took some time to check e-mail, read blogs, balance accounts and put a few things away.

Bubba popped in the door and told me Dad's frig quit working. You know what we did for most of the afternoon .... move food from their frig to ours and to their RV frig, pull the back off the machine, clean it up and see if we could find any visible problems. Not ... I'm hoping Jon, my nieces husband, might have a chance to stop over and look at it. He's experienced in plumbing, air conditioning and refrigeration. I don't think it would break Dad's heart if he needed to buy a new refrigerator/freezer. He doesn't care much for this one. We'll see. It seems that places to pour money seem to be opening in every direction this summer. I pray it stops before we all go broke. HA HA HA

It did make way for a good healthy supper like we haven't had in a while. We did our best to create more space in the frigs by eating up a bunch of salad makings and cooking up some brats to go with it. YUMMY It was one of the simplest and best meals we've had in a while. With cottage cheese on the side and Melon for dessert, we all felt good after eating instead of feeling guilty.

Well, its off to the church this morning. Bubba signed up to mow the church yard for a couple weeks, Vacation Bible School starts tomorrow night and we want it to look good. We're expecting more storms every day for the next week so we're gonna try and get this done before it starts up again. They have two mowers so I will be able to help him knock it out in half the time, we hope.

Better scoot. So much to do! hee hee

More later......


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amothersheartinwords said...

Busy is as busy does, I say!! Send some storms this way, eh? We're having record heat-wave and I am hiding in the house! The asparagus patch is overtaken with weeds!!! Hope the frig situation gets fixed. Been there done that!

Love, Love, Love your haircut!!!! If only I were so brave! Mine is down past the middle of my back and now I know why ALL southern gals have short hair! (saw a t-shirt last summer that said: Southern girls don't sweat, they glisten.) HAHA!

Miss you all!

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