Sunday, June 29, 2008

A trip to Georgia

As I remember, the last time I went to Georgia I hated the weather. I hated it this time too! ha ha Its summer, its hot and its HUMID!!! We're still here and won't be heading toward home till tomorrow.

I also hadn't been to a military graduation; what a fabulous experience. P2 (private E2) Jonathon Carr is an exceptional young man. He is actively pursuing his goals and we believe he will accomplish anything he attempts. He is driven and ambitious. In a graduating class of over 100 men there were only two awards of merit and he earned one; "excellence in physical fitness".

While here celebrating with Jon we've had a little fun. We've gone to some doggy outdoor games, an interesting Antique Mall and stock car races at the East Arkansas Motor Speedway.

I can't even start to explain how I miss my boys. Bubba and Mijo are in my thoughts constantly. We haven't been apart this long since I used to travel for work.

Hate to go but I'm fighting a nap with all my strength.

More later ...........


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