Saturday, July 25, 2009

When God closes a door .....

So, last Saturday we got up early and went to the Farmer's Market. We spoke to a couple vendors and to the secretary/treasurer about the market and becoming a vendor there. The secretary asked what I would be selling and I told her no produce at this time, only baked goods. She said ok and gave me an application. She told me about their hours and fees and looked forward to seeing me when I was ready.

Thursday I spend 5 hours baking and making signs. Friday I spend another five hours baking. I make more signs and slip them into plastic covers. I dig out a table and table clothe. I give Bubba a big shopping list of things from town to finish up baking and ask him to get me cash to make change. Bubba loads the table and lawn chairs into the truck with the tub full of breads, cakes and cookies. We tell all the neighbors we see that we will be selling Saturday morning and they promise to stop by if they can.

Saturday morning we get up, shower, slam coffee, inhale breakfast and hit the door for town by 6 AM. We pull in, find we're likely running well behind most vendors but there are still a few spaces open. I take my application and money to the director who asks me what we will be selling today. When I tell her baked goods she asks me what produce I will be offering with it. When I say no produce she says .................................... you may only sell baked goods if you are also selling produce, unless you have a health permit.


We pile back into the truck and head home. Emotional, needless to say, and frustrated to the extreme. Did I want to go to the secretary/treasurer and educate her on this issues? YES, but I didn't. She was standing within ear shot of my conversation with the director and I pray she understands how this affects me.

So ........................... later this morning I will call pastor Mike and ask if church families in need could use care packages of baked goods. Later today I'll take treats to the neighbors and I may even let Bubba dig into one of the saffron loaves he's been drueling over. ;-)

For now I'll set here with a tear in my eye and look for the open window. In a bit I'll head outside and start working on my chicken coup. More info on that later.


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