Friday, July 3, 2009

This fence separates the driveway from the middle pasture.
I'm anxious to get the 5th wheel cleaned up and sold so we can put a car port over the driveway and actually park next to the house.

I've removed several bushes from the flower beds in front of the house. I still have more to go and then I plan to fill the beds with rock and possibly potted plants.

These Century Plants parallel the house on the East side of the driveway. Its said they bloom once a century then die......... maybe. They also put out babies like an aloe or hen & chicks.

This gate closes our drive. This is the East side of the driveway lined with palm trees ..... we would love to get rid of. The truck and building you see in the distance are our neighbor's, the Greshams. They are the sweet folks who took care of our place while we were in Iowa.

The West side of our driveway is lined with Rose bushes. They bloomed and bloomed for months this spring. I haven't done any pruning on them yet ......

More to follow...

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