Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Amazing blessings

I remember a time last year when I was surprised by God's blessings and how the timing can be simply amazing. It happened again yesterday. Sunday we decided to contribute to the Vacation Bible School at our new church. I simply felt compelled despite the fact that it will, at this time, not work well in our monthly budget. Yesterday, in the mail, we received an unexpected financial surprise just a smidgen (?) larger than the amount we gave to VBS.

Pastor Mike also asked for volunteers to make a meal for a couple families from our church who are in need. I wanted to help but don't know the families and would have to rely on someone else to make the food delivery for me. Well, as it happens when the Lord is in control, when I stopped by the church to drop off the check for VBS the pastor was on the phone trying to find someone to make a meal because his volunteer had backed out. I offered and was able to go home and cook up a pan of lasagna for this family of five. I was able to offer wheat bread and Amish cinneman bread from my freezer as well. It felt SO GOOD!!!!!!! Kathy, Pastor Mike's wife was able to pick up and deliver the meal for me.

GOD IS GOOD!!!! Keep your eyes open for ways you can help your fellow man, in whatever way is best for you, and you will be rewarded ten fold!!!!!!

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