Thursday, July 23, 2009

I love my life

Getting ready for my first day of sales at the Farmer's Market. Everything from fruits and veggies to eggs and baked goods are offered. Saturday morning I intend to have a table loaded with Parmesan Herb bread, Ginger Snap cookies, Braided Saffron bread and Kentucky Sorghum cake. I broke out the ledger to track my progress and make sure its more than just fun. ;-)

As you can see Munchkin is really hating life these days. She's learned a great distain for her new Daddy too. HA HA HA

This is what I saw from my front porch the other night. Amazingly enough it was rising from the ground, not dropping out of the clouds. Regardless, there were some anxious moments and some fervent prayers.

This one is kind of rugged, but one of my favorites; the mockingbird.

Who said inter-species relationships would never work? HA HA A fowl is a fowl when you need a friend. Two Buck, after a few weeks of excercise and being herded to and from the pond, is freely mobile. YYIIPPEEEE

I got a little closer to my beautiful friend, the scissor tailed fly catcher.

More later ..........


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