Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I must explain

The other night I dropped a line on Face Book which, in retrospect, was very snippy and judgemental. I struggle with that ocassionaly and needed to clarify this one. I feel the need to apologize to anyone I may have offended. 

The difference between RVers and Campers was my spout and I figured out why I see such a difference. 

RVers, on the whole, are people who travel and live in their RV, either by choice or for work. We do see all age groups and many walks of life in this group of RVers we've become so familiar with. For the past four years we've considered ourselves RVers. You will find RVers primarily in parks which offer full hook ups and monthly rates. 

Campers are people who choose to spend their free time or vacation time at a park or campground. They have limited time available to enjoy all that nature, their family and friends and all that the park have to offer. They schedule the camping on weekends and time off, often during their limited vacation days.

Basically we've concluded this; RVing is a lifestyle and Camping is recreation. When full time RVers experience large groups of campers enjoying the park, its akin to your family enjoying a quiet evening at home while the neighbors host a big party in your yard. 

More later ....



Mark Kingery said...

I'm so offended..........

I'm a camper!! But... I'm part of a camping group known to wait outside the cafeteria before the doors open....

No.. no tents... Just good times and laughs...

I see you ARE a Kingery though and having to explain something that someone miss understood... he he he

bubba said...

Party anyone????

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