Sunday, March 8, 2009

Ah, the adventures of photography. You take your time; you don't approach too quickly.
You spot the ellusive animal and try not to scare them away.
Catching them in their natural habitat is fun; watching them do what they do.
The last two were really a challenge!   ;-)

The first, I believe, is a great blue heron. For as long as I can remember Dad has called them a cream shi**er  or a mile 'r more bird. Every time they talk off and fly they leave a white trail accross the water.

This second one was a curiosity for some time. At first we ony saw them from a distance and we didn't see their tail. The first were nearly always sitting hunched and looked a lot stockier than they really are. I think they were adults and this one may be young. There are now at least three young ones on the bank right accross from our space. They're black on top, dark brown on the belly and they have a fluffy tail. The tail isn't as fluffy as a squirrel, but close. 
They live on the shore line and run to the water when scared.
I finally had to concede and admit that Bubba was right ........... 
Its a mink!

These last two wild animals I think you're familiar with.
The little white one seems to be able to sleep anywhere; preferably in Dad's chair when Dad wants it and sometimes even in his own bed!

This last one has been seen, nearly on a daily basis, along the shore line. Today I even witnessed him setting foot in the water;
to assist a family pushing their pontoon. 
His skin is a bit darker than is typical and his legs have been exposed quite often lately as well. If you look closely I think you too will recognize this critter.

More later ........


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Sheila said...

HAHA! I LOVED this post. I miss you so bad! (good?) hee hee

I'm so happy too, that YOU are happy. I can "hear" it in your "voice".



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