Saturday, March 14, 2009

Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th...  Deb & I were just chatting on Face Book yesterday morning and declaring that we were going to have a happy, lucky Friday the 13th. After our chat we went on our merry little way and made the mistake of leaving home. ha ha ha

Actually it all turned out just fine, but it was a bit adrenaline filled for a while. 

We went first for a second look at a trailer we had found in the local swap sheet and confirmed that we found a good deal on a trailer that will serve us multiple purposes and will hold up for years to come. We had intended to purchase a cargo trailer. We want a trailer to retrieve our belongings from Iowa and one that we can use to haul treasures from flee markets and thrift stores and one that we can use to move just about anything anywhere. Well, moving onto an acreage where we intend to raise animals, we had not really figured in the need to move animals.  When calling on one trailer in the swap sheet we stumbled accross a stock trailer on the same property. This stock trailer is 16', has tandem axles, is made of thick welded and riveted aluminum construction and has very narrow side air channels that could be covered to use the trailer for cargo.  After looking at it once we came home and did some research on line. We confirmed that he was offering a very good deal on a very solid trailer and so we went back yesterday and made arrangements to buy it. I forgot to get out the camera for it but this is what it looks like:

She's a beauty and I'm sure she will serve us well for many years.

After we made our deal we were headed back through town and planning to stop at the big Goodwill stoor to see their furniture. Proceeding down a one way street which is one of the major streets cross town we encountered a 24' white straight truck that felt the need to come into our lane before we felt the need to leave it. They collided with us on the passenger side just behind the cab. As accidents go we came out with the least amount of damage expected. We were blessed that we happen to be driving a heavy duty truck with a solid flat bed. The driver's side front corner of their truck cab was torn up pretty well. Their entire headlight housing was torn off and hanging by the headlight wires. You can see where they made contact with our flat bed and they broke off a portion of the 2x4 post on our side pannel. The major damage was that they pushed the undermounted toolbox back into the tire. We were also blessed that the toolbox was not completely attached to the flatbed, simply hanging in a frame that was easily cut away, removing the entire twisted toolbox and relieving the pressure on the tire. 

We got to meet two of San Angelo's finest law officers to make our accident report and to make arrangements for repair. We got to chat with a tow truck driver on the way to the welding shop and experience yet another Christian who is excited to invite you to their church. We confirmed that our roadside assistance policy is as good as professed and quick at their response. And, we got to meet a local welder who keeps a little shop in town and does quick work at a fair price.  Our truck looks a bit naked now, missing a tool box on one side, but we haven't found any other damage. 

The irony of it all is that the truck that ran into us and the driver that was ticketed for the accident were from Minnesota. The poor man felt so bad about it and I felt bad for him. I don't know how much driving his job entails, but that accident will likely affect his employment. I did learn one important lesson: if you exchange information before the motor officer arrives, the situation becomes a civil matter and there will be no police report. The first officer on the scene, who came just to block traffic but not to make a report, informed us of this as we were exchanging information.   ;-)  We quickly handed back the papers and walked back to our own vehicles before the reporting office arrived. It was all very fortunate and handled very well, I thought. 

More later ...............


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