Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Another new Texas experience

The store slogan is nearly an understatement, as we experienced it today. We've seen the local TV adds for the HEB grocery stores. They tell of the local producers and the private ownership but they don't quite encompass their scope in one little TV spot.

We only needed a few things and I was curious today so we went in to have a look around. We found the largest sellection of nearly any food or drink item you can imagine. Their fresh produce section was the largest I have ever seen. Their fresh sea food section was absolutely amazing. We even got a little education about the store from the young man working the sea food counter. He grew up in Minnesota... ha ha He told us of the entire fleet of shrimp boats owned by HEB and another fleet owned by someone else but who sell 100% of their catch to HEB.

We saw so many items on the shelves that we've only before seen in specialty shops and touristy orchard stores. It was awesome. They also offer kitchen wears, children's things, office supplies, big smoker grillers, garden things, a complete bakery, a deli and they sell fuel as well. I didn't notice the fuel station until we were on our way out and they are a full 10 cents per gallon lower than every other station in town on diesel! Their grocery prices were a bit lower than Wal Mart as well.

We're hooked. 

More later .......


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